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As you all know, Isralove started in 2014. The shop opened on Etsy, and the rest is history. When I started to get serious about Instagram early in 2016 I was thrilled to find out about ‘The Sabra Patch‘ – a platform like Etsy BUT handmade gifts, Judaica and more from Israel only!

The Sabra Patch

The Sabra Patch is a home for Israeli artists with stories to tell. They are brands, small businesses and products you’ll want to know about because of what they stand for, and because of the people behind them.

The Sabra Patch is much more than just shopping.  It’s about discovering and connecting to amazing artists, people and products from Israel.  These Israeli artists, are doing what they love and are bringing creativity, peace, and joy into the world for others! All  sellers are based in Israel, like us.

Sacha, from The Sabra Patch interviewed Ruth about the story behind the shop. Read more…