Unique personalized Bat Mitzvah quilling gift

This is for sure the most unique custom order we at Isralove received in 2015: a personalized Bat Mitzvah gift which needed to be ready in time for the celebration in Sydney, Australia.

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Elinor, our quilling paper artist, and I sat together and brainstormed in order to make this unique piece include all requested details in an elegant way:

  • The Priestly blessing (“May God bless you and keep you…”) in both languages – English and Hebrew
  • The Hebrew Name, which should be emphazied, next to the English
  • The date Gabriela actually was called up to the Torah to recite the blessing over the weekly reading
  • The Hebrew name of her Torah portion “Vaizey”

Wow, the customer’s feedback blew us away!

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with this piece! This was an item actually not offered in their shop and when I asked the possibility of customizing and creating something new the owners were so open, energetic as eager as I was. We communicated over the entire process (designing it together) and I was updated along each step. I have to say that after recently receiving this it has completely exceeded my expectations – I can’t wait to give it to my girlfriends daughter – it’s such a wonderful keep sake. Well done Isralove – I just love it!!!

Lea, Etsy Customer and Isralover
Ruth Winkler
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