DIY Mishloach Manot tags for Purim

Giving Mishloach Manot is one of the four requirements for Purim.
This mitzvah derives from the Book of Esther, and this is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the holiday and to increase love and friendships.

Preparing these little gifts for neighbors, friends and the teachers at Adam’s Gan (Kindergarten) are my favorite part of the holiday and it’s makes a fun afternoon activity for the two of us.
This part of Purim is a great opportunity to teach children to give.

If you have a great recipe for Hamentaschen which is also “children friendly” – let me know!

Until then, enjoy these free printable tags which will make a personal addition for your Purim baskets this holiday!

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Great website, continue the goood work! Thank yoou

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