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As I write this post, I have 90 boards on Pinterest, with 1908 items and 193 pins I ‘liked’. There are so many cool DIY projects among those pins that I would love to try, if I only had time…
Well, the monthly DIY dry erase calendar you can download at the end of this post, is one of those pins that inspired me, and I actually loved seeing it come to life.

Although we are living in a digital era and everyone’s calendar is available on their smartphone, all those notifications, reminders, snoozing alarms etc. are sometimes just overwhelming. I knew I needed a simple, clear and structured solution to oversee all family schedules and events for the month (including the upcoming high holiday season!).
Free DIY Calendar, printable command center, dry erase board, Jewish calendar, printable by isralove

While browsing my Pinterest feed not long ago, I came across this pin – that was the “Aha!” Moment.
We did have a plain dry erase board hanging on the wall before, but it was just blank, with our Wi-Fi password on it, some grocery items we needed, and to-do lists, but it just wasn’t organized enough to help our family stay on top of all tasks and upcoming events we needed to be aware of.
That’s when I sat down to design my own poster to be framed, including an area for our Wi-Fi password (which is usually the first question from new guests and friends visiting our home these days!), our groceries, and daily/weekly reminders we need to pay attention to.

All you need for this DIY calendar is:

  1.  A frame: choose a frame for your dry erase board with a glass or acrylic front. I used an IKEA Ribba frame sized 70*50 cm (19 ¾ x 27 ½ “)
  2.  Print the poster: print the file at your local print shop according to your frame size (any print shop can scale the PDF to your desired size)
  3.  Frame it: frame the DIY calendar and you are done. It’s really that simple.
  4.  Dry Erase Markers: I recommend fine point markers to keep the writing thin and clear.

Free DIY Calendar, printable command center, dry erase board, Jewish calendar, printable by isralove

My top 3 reasons for using this monthly DIY calendar:

  1.  Daily Reminder: It’s in a central area in the house that I pass by several times a day and it reminds me of the upcoming events for this month only – which leads me to the next point:
  2.  Less is More: It includes only the most important info for my family without any individual work related reminders or events, unless they are relevant to the whole family.
  3.  Being on the Same Page: Even if something is added by a family member and he forgot to tell me, I won’t miss it since it’s on the one main board we all check daily


Free printable versions available:

  1.  ENGLISH: standard international calendar, starting on Monday, including grocery list, miscellaneous notes and the Wi-Fi password.
  2.  HEBREW: starting on Sunday, right-to-left, including grocery list, miscellaneous and Wi-Fi password.
  3.  HEBREWISH: bilingual, Hebrew-English Calendar, left-to-right, starting on Monday, including grocery list, miscellaneous notes and Wi-Fi password.


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Reply March 30, 2018

I've signed up for the email, but I have not received the calendar printable. Love this idea for my daughter's new home!

    Ruth Winkler
    Reply April 2, 2018

    Hi Beth, thanks for signing up! I have resent you the email. Hope you received it and will be able to prepare the frame for you daughter's new home! Please share the outcome :)

Reply March 24, 2018

Hello, I have previously signed up but can not find the email. Could you please resend me the calendar? It is so lovely.

    Ruth Winkler
    Reply March 27, 2018

    Hi Caroline, thanks for singing up to my newsletter, sorry you weren’t able to download the file.
    Have resent the link to you via Email.

Reply January 26, 2018

I've signed up for the email to receive the free calendar download yesterday and I still haven't receive it. Can you help me with this issue please? Thanks so much!

    Ruth Winkler
    Reply February 20, 2018

    HI Jane, thanks for signing up.
    Will resend you the link by email.

Brittany Ritcher
Reply January 19, 2017

Very cute idea! I have something similiar by my desk and love/use it everyday!

    Ruth Winkler
    Reply January 25, 2017

    Thank you Brittany! Agree, it's also one of the most useful DIY's in our home!

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