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Mix & Match: Wooden Hebrew Letters

July 2016 was a record-breaking month of wooden Hebrew letter orders at Isralove. Never had I thought these Hebrew letters would be so popular.

About a year ago, I worked on some custom family name signs and since there was some unused wood when cutting those names, I used the empty spaces for random Hebrew letters just to use up the whole wood when laser cutting the signs. Little did I know, that there was such a great demand for wooden Hebrew letters.

I created my first listing on Etsy, having only one size available – 2 inches tall. Receiving more and more direct messages asking if I have those letters in larger sizes I went back to the laser cutter and stocked up with 2 more sizes: 3.5 and 5 inches.

Sizes available: 2″, 3.5″, 5″

Wooden Hebrew Letters, mix and match the colors, jewish baby gifts, by isralove

Customers from all over the world have ordered these wooden Hebrew letters to decorate their home, baby nursery or as a gift at Jewish preschools and day schools. And have been ordered from all over the world: the US, Canada, Europe and even Australia.

Design your custom Hebrew name

Besides the sizes, you can choose your color for each and every Hebrew letter. Mix and match the letters to match the nursery theme or school class.
These letters are made of pressed wood, and can be glued onto any surface easily.

A complete Hebrew alphabet, including all Hebrew letters for your Hebrew class is available in our shop as well.

Wooden Hebrew Letters, mix and match the colors, by isralove

If you need any help with translating the names into Hebrew, don’t hesitate to leave me a message! These letters make a great addition for every nursery, crib, Jewish school or community center! If your are looking for a special Jewish naming gift, a Brit Milah gift or even a Bar Mitzvah – search no more!

More details and pictures of our wooden Hebrew letters are available here:

Shavua tov,



Amazing gift!! Beautiful work, helpful and super fast service. I’m so overjoyed by how these came out…especially Ruth’s help transliterating the English names to Hebrew. I can’t wait to give this gift, and this will be my new “goto” for all my friends having babies this year. LOVE LOVE LOVE! thank you!!

Nursery wooden Hebrew letters, review by Kimberly, baby gift, Jewish Naming

What exactly should you buy for the person who has done and will do anything in the world for you? Hold off on the typical mother’s day gift (or father’s day gift).

► Instead think special.

Something unique. Something one of a kind – just like your Mom & Dad (Abba & Ima). Something that will put a smile on her face everyday. And don That’s why Isralove’s personalized mugs have been shipped all over the world in 2016, from the United States, to Europe and even Australia, for mother’s and father’s day.


These personalized, bilingual mugs are first and foremost extremely useful. Who doesn’t drink at least one cup of coffee or tea each and every day?!
Personalize a mug for your irreplaceable Mom, Ima, Nana or Savta. Of course, for new dads, Abbas, Poppas or Sabas as well.

Say ‘Thank you!’ in the most personal way, reminding each of your loved ones of that special year they turned into parents or grandparents!
Make the Mother’s day gift (and/or father’s day gift) unforgettable. Even for the Jewish holidays (Passover, Jewish New Year (Rosh HaShana) or any other Simcha) – This Personalized Jewish gift is just as it says – PERSONAL… We all appreciate those special gifts, that show us how much thought has been invested into finding the perfect special something.

To personalize your mug, please send me the following information:

  1. The name of the person in English and Hebrew (or any other second language)
  2. The year the person turned into a parent / grandparent
  3. Please let me know where the mug should be shipped to, and if you wish to add a personal note (If sent directly)

► 20% OFF

If you would like to order a set, please choose 2 as quantity and use the code “MUGSET” during checkout to get a 20% discount on your order!

Do you sometimes feel that the idea of setting a really nice dinner table with toddlers is just pointless? It goes without saying that any tablecloth or placemat at a kid’s seat will be covered in goo by the end of the meal and have to be changed and washed.

Our new totally wipe-able Hebrew Alphabet placemats just arrived to make your dinner fun, colorful and educational! From preschoolers to adults this placemat is a fun way to learn the Hebrew alphabet, first Hebrew words and count to 12- all in Hebrew.

This Set makes a perfect gift for a Jewish toddler, Hebrew class, Jewish community center, Jewish summer camp or any other group learning “Ivrit” (Hebrew).
Our placemats include a Hebrew Alphabet and the numbers 1-12. Designed and printed in Israel on high quality PVC (linoleum). Easy to clean, doesn’t fold or easily slip.


If you are a Hebrew class teacher, a teacher at a Jewish kindergarten, school oder Shul, Organizing a Jewish summer camp- each placemat can be personalized with the Hebrew name for each of your students. (min QTY 20)

This way each kid gets familiar with his Hebrew letters. Please contact me for your custom order.

Hebrew Alphabet Placemat

► Size: ~12″ x 16″ (30*40 cm)
► Designed and printed in Israel
► 2 Placemats included: 1 Hebrew Alphabet, 1 Hebrew Numbers 1-12
► Including punctuation

From Israel with Love

Hebrew wooden Letters

ETSY Isralove Shop:


In addition to the high quality and craftsmanship of the placemats, the customer service is excellent!! Thank you, Ruth for going the extra mile to accommodate my order. ♡ My three year old loves the bright colors and fun pictures, and I love the sturdiness of the product and the beautiful design…the perfect introduction to the Hebrew alef-bet and a compliment to any kitchen. Now that we have our own set, I can hardly wait to gift some to friends.

Hebrew Alphabet Placemat

Interview with Nili Bueckert, co-creater of Toddler Tales memory book, a unique toddler journal (memory book) designed by Ruth from Isralove.
First published on Dog Slobber & Baby Giggles – March 28, 2016.

Happy Monday everyone. I am very excited to introduce this week’s Momspirational Mom- Nili Bueckert.  Nili and I are actually apart of the same Mom Group- Transplant Parents of Dallas! When I joined this group back in 2014 there were only a handful of members but two years later there is an overwhelming 386 parents in this group, as a result, Nili and I actually haven’t even met face to face. Crazy right?

However, after doing this interview with her and hearing about why she created her book Toddler Tales with her sister in law, Ruth Winkler Bueckert, I have truly been momspired. I love the idea behind this book and can definetly relate to wanting something like this as Little J gets further into toddlerhood!

One of my favorite things about this interview was her advice for other moms out there “find your passion and go for it!” Isn’t that what we all need to hear sometimes???? So, without further adieu, I introduce to you Nili Bueckert- co-creater of Toddler Tales and an absolute momspiration.

Nili Bueckert, co-creater of Toddler Tales, with her husband and two sons

Nili Bueckert, co-creater of Toddler Tales, with her husband and two sons

Tell me about you!

Hi! I’ve just moved to the Dallas area after 6 years of living abroad in Germany. I have two boys ages 4 and 20 months. I’m originally from Israel (but grew up on the East Coast in the USA) and my husband is German.  We met in Germany 6 years ago while I was ‘visiting’ on business for auditions in the opera world (I’m a professional opera singer)- and we met, and he asked me to stay! I said yes.

We’re in the process of looking for homes to buy so please chime in at the comment section and let me know where you love to live! (We love nature, cycling, outdoors-y stuff, but also love to be within reach of art museums, music concerts, etc.)

So, what is it that you do?

Living in Germany, one is introduced to interesting customs and traditions (first example- the kids open their presents BEFORE blowing out the candles on their birthday cakes- weird!), and I noticed that in the pre-school years it was very popular for German children to fill out a “Friendship Book”. This was a book that could be passed around among friends and (with the help of adults) filled out to include what your favorite color is (at age 3, then 4..etc.) favorite foods (not so favorite foods), funny sayings, what you liked to play together with another friend, when and where you met, and more.

My sister in law, who is a graphic designer, and I both came up with the idea to transition this ‘friendship book’ to its English compatriot- and we designed and created a memory book for the “post baby book” years – just for toddlers (approximately ages 2-5)- that included special Friendship pages. Thus, Toddler Tales, My Very Special Book of Memories and Friendship was born!

What inspired you to start your blog or business?

I’m pretty proud of being a full-time mom, professional musician, and creator of something that I personally had a need for– (I definitely spent hours piecing together the baby books for my boys- but after that first birthday and first walking and first words– kind of fell off of the map!) I tried keeping email logs of ‘milestones’, and of course we have tons of pictures on the phone (that rarely get turned into albums)— so Toddler Tales was really a labor of love. My sister and I both needed a place to keep track of our ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threenager’ years for both of our boys (best friends, best first cousins)- and so we worked for about half a year on design layout, wording, color spread (so that it would be gender-neutral, of course!) and appealing to parents in the US. We also have a special place to record memories from other family members- which I think is an amazing opportunity to ask someone to write their thoughts about the child directly at such a young age- and have as a keepsake for later in life!

read more


Don’t miss out on Isralove’s most popular Jewish baby gift. You can win a personalized Hebrew name bodysuit for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter or friend’s baby from our Hebrew onesies section.

A mineral Ahava body lotion for the mom or Ima is included in the Mommy & Me giveaway as well.


To win this Mommy & Me gift, follow these 3 rules!

  1. Follow @isralovedesign on Instagram
  2. Repost this image using REPOST APP and tag @isralovedesign
  3. Tell a friend about this by tagging him or her
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The winner will be announced on Friday, June 3, 2016, before Shabbat starts – around noon in Jerusalem, Israel.

Good Luck!


Printable Infographic Poster about Israel

Living in Israel for 16 years now, I must say: this is the most touching time of the year.

The days before Israel celebrates Independence Day there are 2 Memorial Days:Yom HaShoah and Yom HaZikaron. On both days sirens go off  throughout the land and we stand still in memory of  the Holocaust victims and the fallen. Sadness and joy interwine as YomHaatzmaut is celebrated the day after Memorial Day. Seeing my little blue and white flags attached to the car windows throughout this time, like the vast majority of Israel, fills my heart with gratitude each day.

Thankful to have a homeland.

Happy Birthday, Israel!
Yom HaAtzmaut Sameach!


Everyone knows that reading the Megillah is a must during Purim, and the kids can’t wait to make some noise when the name “Haman” is being read.
Did you know this happens 54 times?

How many calories does an average Mishloach Manot (Shalach Manos) include?
What are the most popular costumes among boys and girls in 2016?

Download our new design on Etsy and find out!

Chag Sameach, Happy Purim!
– Ruth