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Giving Mishloach Manot is one of the four requirements for Purim.
This mitzvah derives from the Book of Esther, and this is meant to ensure that everyone has enough food for the holiday and to increase love and friendships.

Preparing these little gifts for neighbors, friends and the teachers at Adam’s Gan (Kindergarten) are my favorite part of the holiday and it’s makes a fun afternoon activity for the two of us.
This part of Purim is a great opportunity to teach children to give.

If you have a great recipe for Hamentaschen which is also “children friendly” – let me know!

Until then, enjoy these free printable tags which will make a personal addition for your Purim baskets this holiday!

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It has been just over a year since the Isralove Etsy Shop has launched. The shop is run by 3 Israeli designers who loved crafting ever since they can remember and turned it into a profession in adult life.

We are passionate about Hebrew typography, Israeli art and modern Jewish home decor.

Apart from the shop and the personalized items we create made-to-order, this blog offers monthly freebies and other printable resources for different Jewish occasions, holidays or just some patriotic Israeli DIY.
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Shalom from Israel,


Our personalized onesies with HEBREW name for boys or girls are an adorable way for a newborn to say- here I am world!

Designed and printed vinyl on Carter’s cotton onesies, this soft snuggly gift with Hebrew lettering is sure to be a unique and talked-about gift at any Jewish baby naming, Brit Mila, or baby shower.


Our Best-Seller in 2015!

Aunts have ordered them for their nieces and nephews, Saftas and Nanas for their grandchildren, and even co-workers asked us to attach a personal note and sent this Jewish gift directly from Israel to their friend who is in maternity leave.

Also in 2016, the Hebrew name onesies were the best seller when it came to Jewish naming gifts. Read more about the most popular Hebrew names for boys and girls in our shop since 2016. More here…

Every month you can download our free Jewish calendar including all upcoming Jewish holidays. The modern water color calendar can be downloaded as desktop wallpaper, letter-sized printable or create your own pocket DIY calendar.

I am sure everyone knows when Passover, Rosh Hashana or Hannukah is. But did you know about “Tu B’Shvat” in January? We’ve got you covered! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the download link in advance and be up to date with the upcoming holidays.


Jewish Holdiays Calendar Free iPhone background wallpaper, Tu B'Av, jewish Art Jewish Holdiays Calendar Free iPhone background wallpaper, June, jewish Art
Jewish Holdiays Calendar Free iPhone background wallpaper Jewish Holdiays Calendar Free Printable
Isralove free download jewish calendar March including Purim Isralove free download jewish calendar February including Purim Isralove free download jewish calendar january including TuB'Shvat

If you need some last minute idea for a gift – we’ve got you covered!

It’s the birthday of the trees – get some nice little plant, and print our free “Advice from a tree” Tu B’Shvat greeting.


Advice from a tree

Stand tall and proud.
Drink plenty of water.
Remember your roots.
Be content with your natural beauty.
Enjoy the view.
Let others rest in your shade.

Happy Tu B’Shvat!

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This is for sure the most unique custom order we at Isralove received in 2015: a personalized Bat Mitzvah gift which needed to be ready in time for the celebration in Sydney, Australia.

Design your Bat Mitzva Gift with us

Contact us for any custom request, special holiday or Jewish Simcha gift.

Elinor, our quilling paper artist, and I sat together and brainstormed in order to make this unique piece include all requested details in an elegant way:

  • The Priestly blessing (“May God bless you and keep you…”) in both languages – English and Hebrew
  • The Hebrew Name, which should be emphazied, next to the English
  • The date Gabriela actually was called up to the Torah to recite the blessing over the weekly reading
  • The Hebrew name of her Torah portion “Vaizey”

Wow, the customer’s feedback blew us away!

I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with this piece! This was an item actually not offered in their shop and when I asked the possibility of customizing and creating something new the owners were so open, energetic as eager as I was. We communicated over the entire process (designing it together) and I was updated along each step. I have to say that after recently receiving this it has completely exceeded my expectations – I can’t wait to give it to my girlfriends daughter – it’s such a wonderful keep sake. Well done Isralove – I just love it!!!

Lea, Etsy Customer and Isralover